INTECOL – International Association for Ecology

The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) joins the global community of scientists, including many from Russia, in strongly condemning the violent invasion of Ukraine, violating all international laws and norms. What the world is witnessing at this time is completely unacceptable. INTECOL stands by the people of Ukraine, and in particular the Ukrainian scientists and ecologists, and for all the people invaded, oppressed and suppressed anywhere in the world.


The Ōtautahi Declaration on Wetlands

More than 480 INTECOL wetlands conference participants from 54 countries, representing a wide range of expertise in wetland science, Indigenous knowledge, technology, policy, and management met and collaborated at the virtual conference held online in October 2021. Agreement was reached on the following three resolutions:

  1. Resolution to Promote the Rights of Wetlands 
  2. Resolution to Address the Global Climate Emergency
  3. Resolution to Support a Global Indigenous Water Science and Wetlands Network

Read the full text of the three resolutions: Ōtautahi Declaration on Wetlands

Call for Nominations for Board Members of INTECOL and Update on INTECOL Governance

We are seeking candidates who will be active and contribute to the vision of “INTECOL as the international voice of ecology”, working together with us in a friendly global team environment. Candidates would contribute to improving the diversity, equity and global representation of the association. We are also seeking candidates who will fill roles such as developing thematic groups, expanding membership, improving communication, and represent young emerging ecologists.

More information in the invitation letter to Presidents of Ecological Societies and the Criteria for Candidates

Call for Bids: 12th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference to be held in 2024/25

The Wetland Working Group (WWG) of INTECOL is seeking offers to host the 12th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference in 2024/5 These meetings are held every four years and the scheduled 2020 meeting was held in Christchurch, New Zealand, but delayed one because of the Global Covid Pandemic.


INTECOL aims to serve the goals of the regional and national ecological societies

INTECOL acts as an advocate for ecology and will assist and/or support international cooperation for the development of the science of ecology and the application of ecological principles to global and regional issues.


The Association operating as a non-profit organization and seeking no financial gain for its members aims at promoting:

i) international cooperation for the development of the science of ecology and the application of ecological principles to global and regional issues;

(ii) the collection, evaluation and distribution of ecological information;
(iii) national, regional and international actions for ecological research, training of personnel, and promotion of ecology as being vital in human affairs;

(iv) any other measures which are deemed necessary to reach the goals of the Association.

INTECOL History in Brief

More than 50 years life

INTECOL was formed in 1967, as the Ecology / Environmental Section of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

Ist INTECOL Congress

The Hague, The Netherlands, 8-14 September, 1974, organized by INTECOL and the Netherlands Ecological Society


INTECOL 2022 will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, August 28 – September 2, 2022

Become an INTECOL Member Society

Applications from organisations for membership should be sent to the secretariat. The Board will decide on acceptance or rejection. On acceptance, the Member Organization recognizes and accepts the statutes of INTECOL and the Code of Conduct, and must pay annual Fees.